Body CareCARE means:  Calling All Responsive Eternals

As your spirit and body’s energy frequency increases the spaces between your cells also need to match their vibration, otherwise you feel out of sync.  Body Care energy system brings the vibration of the spaces between your cells into resonance with you, and your body’s consciousness, filling the spaces with life sustaining energy of Eternal Sacred Source.  The space within our physical body directly connects to Divinity.  When activated it will vibrate the energy increases so that your body feels supported from within.

After you have grown and healed from bad experiences, or gained new information about how to approach a situation, you might be ready to move on to new situations with hope and exuberance, but your body might be holding you back if it hasn’t yet healed from the past experiences because your body records everything that happens to you.  This system gives your body’s awareness a way to shift perspective to match your reality, to know that it is supported by Eternal Sacred Source by tending to the atmosphere within your body.

Body Care brings your attention inward, to the atmosphere that is within your body.  Body Care used in meditation helps you to be more present in your body.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture