Heart CareHeart Care gives you personalized energy for exactly the help you need in each area of your cardiovascular system.  It is brought to you by Beings of Eternal Light who arrive and infuse you with the proper calibration of Eternal Life supporting energy, including three energies for supporting your heart.

HEART CARE:  infuses your body with energies that are just right to encourage your body’s natural healing process.  Your cardiovascular system will be able to use the energies in much the same manner that your body uses energy after processing food, helping your heart to thrive and work more efficiently.

VALVE CARE:  is for your heart valves and any valves in your arteries or anywhere in your cardiovascular system.

VESSEL CARE:  helps to keep your blood vessels open and strong, and keeps the walls resilient for blood to move swiftly through them, you may even feel your blood pumping through them.

COENZYME C10 ENERGY:  CoQ10’s primary purpose in cells is in generating energy that helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.  When you activate this function, the spiritual energy of CoQ10 is recognized by your body, and it increases your energy levels.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture