Interdimensional Medical TeamThe Interdimensional Medical team is a team of Eternal Light Beings who have many areas of expertise that can assist our ethereal light body activations received from higher dimensions.  They provide you with a comprehensive session that if far beyond what you may have experienced in the realm of healing before.  Each organ and body system has an ethereal counterpart that can affect the physical body.

As Lightworkers accept higher light frequencies new or “remembered” skills and abilities are activated, bringing new ways for our bodies to interact with the worlds around us.  These can be signals from higher dimensions that arrive to us here to assist our light body activations.  Problems can occur when the physical body reacts to these signals, and can wreak havoc within a physical body system.  Sometimes the body does not know how to interpret the signals, which can also cause physical discomfort or pain.

The Interdimensional Medial Team works with your body, ethereal body and all levels of who you are, including your Higher Self. They are quite skilled at talking with your embodiment so that each part is listening and responding only to signals meant for it, determining just how much of the results you seek are given.  Good results can occur!

You will need to be comfortable with a Being working on you even though you can’t see them, and be a Reiki or Seichim Master to accept the frequencies they use in sessions, and also to pass this attunement to others.

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture