Lung CareOne of the main purposes of the lungs is to transfer oxygen from the air you’ve breathed in, to your blood cells.  It is important to assist your lung tissue to remove any toxins and to repair the inner lining of each passageway that air moves through as its oxygen is transferred to the blood cells.

Lung Care Level 1 is a synergy of:




The use of these functions provides results in a smooth, expanding and supporting energy for your lungs and blood.

Lung Care Level 1 is only to be activated for yourself or during hands on treatments unless you are at least a Reiki or Seichim Level 2 practitioner, in which case you can send these energies distantly.

Elecampane:  this is a plant that been used for many respiratory ailments throughout the ages.  It may exhibit variable antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, diuretic, expectorant and hypotensive activities.  When activating the Elecampane empowerment you will be calling essence of the plant itself, its spiritual or ethereal energies.

Mullein:  has been used since ancient times, especially for lung problems.  Mullein activates automatically when you activate Lung Care energies or you can use it on its own, activating Mullein’s spiritual energies by intention.

Optimal Blood Oxygen Concentration:  will activate automatically when you activate Lung Care energies, or you may activate this function separately for yourself or others by intention.  Healthy Red Blood Cells are the hallmark of health in many areas of your body.  This function helps your Red Blood Cells to hold and absorb more oxygen.

Lung Care Level 2 gives anyone the ability to send Lung Care energies over a distance.  In this level you will receive:

BLOODROOT DEVA EMPOWERMENT:  this is an empowerment to the spiritual Deva of the Bloodroot plant, which is never to be ingested.  The Bloodroot Deva is a sentient being who is known to assist, in a Shamanic way, with the extract and removal of many ailments by going into your auric field to removed things that may weaken your body’s natural ability to heal itself.  She may choose to work for you if she feels you are ready, or you may ask her again another day for her help.

This energy can be used for yourself, others and animals.

You must be a Reiki or Seichim Master teacher to pass this attunement to others.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture