Prostate CareCARE means Calling All Responsive Eternals

Females can be attuned to this system in order to be able to activate the energies for males.

Prostate Care is an energy system which brings all the care of All Responsive Eternal beings to assist your prostate to be healthy.  As men grow older the prostate often enlarges, putting pressure on the passageway that urine flows out of from the bladder, causing uncomfortable urinary difficulties.  It also provides fluid that nourishes and protects sperm, moving fluid into the urethra and sending it out with sperm as semen.  An enlarged prostate can make you feel the need to urinate often.  Prostate Care can help reduce these discomforts.

Symptoms of an enlarged prostate often include:

Thin urine stream

Frequent need to urinate, even if not much comes out

Stopping and starting of urine stream

An urgency to urinate with or without leaking urine

Feeling like you still need to urinate even when stream ends

Urine stream does not begin the moment you intend to “go”

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms please see your doctor.  The Prostate Care energy system is a self care method that can enhance any recommendations your doctor makes but not intended to be used instead of medical care.  The Prostate Care Team brings you spiritual energy to help keep your prostate healthy or restore its health.

THE MORNING GLORY SHAKTI:  Arrives with your attunement to Prostate Care.  Shakti are sentient, intelligent, creative healing forces of Eternal Sacred Source that are similar to angels and consciously respond to your requests.  They are under the authority of your higher self and soul as they work with you for your health and enlightenment.  The Morning Glory Shakti uses the spiritual energy and wisdom of the Morning Glory plant and flower to promote health of your prostate gland.  Morning Glory Shakti is very nurturing and can be activated at any time even independently of Prostate Care to bring resiliency and youthful vigor to your prostate.

REPRESSION RELEASE:  Men often restrain urges to act on many impulses, sometimes appropriately to refrain from acting on unwelcome sexual urges.  They may also restrain themselves from reacting violently to others or from doing things that are inappropriate or illegal.  Problems within the physical body can occur when there becomes a “build up” of physical pressure as a result of emotional restraint and “holding back” over the years.  Physical ills can be the result of not releasing emotional pressure and energy of restraining actions and words.  Repression Release works deep within the layers of emotional records and energy that your prostate may be holding.  Some emotional clearing may result but usually only lasting for a few days.

You must be a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher to pass this attunement to others.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture