Shaman Care SessionsCARE means Calling All Responsive Eternals

Shaman Care Session brings you an energy session provided by Shamans who are in alignment with Eternal Sacred Source including those who have passed on from this Earthly physical life.  Other Eternal Light Beings who are skilled in the Shamanic style of healing will also arrive energetically to tend you.  Shamans know how to bridge their conscious to perceive information within the spiritual energy of Nature.  They are walkers between the worlds, between various realities and the spirits that live there.  Many ancient cultures have had shaman medicine men and women that have been respected spiritual healers and teachers.  Shamans look not only for physical causes of disease and illness, but also to the energetic causes.  They know how to extract dense, harmful energies from people in order to reset harmony in the body.  They restore balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of people.  After the soul is healed, or when energies that don’t belong in our body or energy fields are removed, healing is can arrive faster and you are able to be healthier.

The Shamans who arrive energetically to you from the spiritual realms are under the authority of your own Higher Self, soul and Eternal Sacred source, so they will only do what is allowed by your Higher Self and soul during one session.  Sometimes healing is best received in increments for maximum benefit.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture