Womb Care



CARE means Calling All Responsive Eternals

Womb Care is a comprehensive energy system to attend to the healing and wholeness of your body’s reproductive system, including all the organs and body parts in the area of your body below your belly button.  It provides healing and health enhancement to all the organs that comprise the female reproductive system.

Both men and women can receive an attunement to Womb Care.  If you are a man you will be able to activate these energies for women who want more healing on all levels.

Womb Care assists to bring your womb’s energy into wholeness whether you have had a miscarriage, feel the emptiness of never having been pregnant, or have had a hysterectomy, or having your uterus and or ovaries removed surgically.  It is vitally important to bring the ethereal energy of your womb into wholeness by reclaiming the spiritual energy of your womb and any other body parts that were removed.  Each organ has its own spiritual energy intelligence and consciousness.  When you activate the energy of Womb Care healing is offered to the spiritual energies of your reproductive organs.  The energies are guided to return fully unto you, in exactly the correct places within your body and energy fields.

This system brings you a stronger concentration of inner womanly life power that naturally resides within your lower abdomen area.  If you have been disempowered, Womb Care can return or reinforce your natural womanly life power, allowing you to shine and be confidence and sure of your decisions in life.  Your body will naturally balance and heal itself.  With the assistance of the Responsive Eternal Beings of Light, Love and Life whose specialty is your reproductive and sexual health there is no limit to the beneficial results you can experience.

If your body works fine physically and you are not concerned about any physical ailment in your reproductive system, yet you experience difficulty with intimacy, Womb Care can help.  Physical intimacy can become pleasurable and fulfilling.

Cramp Pain Release is another function you will receive with this attunement.  This function works best when used in a buddy system, so it is a good idea to activate another woman to the energies.  This is because sometimes it might be difficult to activate the energies while you are in pain, so you can provide help to each other when it is needed.  Cramp Pain is designed to work on a time-released basis.  The energy works effectively within just a few moments after you or your buddy activates it.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture