Throat Chakra Flush



An open throat chakra assists telepathic abilities, expanding your clairaudience or “clear hearing” ability, and allows you to tune into Spirit to receive answers and directives sent from the Divine Source of All That Is.  It helps your communication with spirit guides, angels and ascended masters.
Located at the back of the neck, the throat chakra governs communication, creativity and expression, and is where your divine self-truth is expressed.  Physically this chakra rules over the throat, thyroid, trachea, esophagus, neck, mouth, teeth and ears.

A blocked throat chakra can result in:
Cloudy Intuition
Inability To Listen
Lack Of Ability To Express Yourself
Inability To Accept And Work With Situations
Problems Communicating With Others
Inability To Accept Other People’s Views
Blaming Others For Your Problems
Not Taking Responsibility
Fear Of Expressing Your Opinions

A balanced throat chakra results in:
Creative Self-Expression
Ability To Speak Your Truth Without Fear Of Rejection
Clear Intuition
Ability To Listen And Accept Other People’s Views
Taking Responsibility For Your Actions
Full Of Laughter

Physical symptoms of an unbalanced throat chakra:
Weak Voice
Thyroid Imbalance
Hearing Problems
Sour Throat

When your throat chakra is spinning and balanced you are able to express yourself and speak your truth without fear of being judged or rejected.  If your throat chakra is blocked and filled with residual energy your physical, emotional and spiritual health are compromised.

The Throat Chakra Flush will flush residual and toxic energies, replacing them with pure, unadulterated, unconditional love, leaving it bright and clear.  You will be able to receive messages from the Source of All That Is.

There is one symbol in this system.

This attunement can only be passed by Seichim or Reiki Masters.

Founder:  Rosemary Noel