Body Toxic CleansingIn today’s world we are constant exposed to and absorb toxic substances that can affect our well being. Some of these can stay in your body indefinitely.

Body Toxic Cleansing can help:

Gently flush out toxins and heavy metals from the physical body without going through the endocrine gland system

Healing profiles for all the physical body organs and systems, especially ones to strengthen and upgrade the central nervous, circulatory, elimination and endocrine gland systems and all organs and glands

Purification of the blood

Clearing and healing the brain chemistry and cleansing the mind and brain

Healing profiles for the chakras, meridians, strangeflows, nadis and energetic systems

Healing profiles to heal any blocks people may have to an optimal circulation of prana/chi/life force energy throughout their energetic bodies, organs and systems

Healing profiles to clear out and heal negative, dark, heavy, slow-moving, stuck, congested, damaged, blocked energies from the physical and energetic bodies, quantum fields/particles and energetic spaces

Healing wash for areas where toxins and heavy metals are released and for the entire quantum fields, parts and particles, energetic bodies, organs and systems, genetics and DNA Blood


This system is activated by intention, you don’t need any symbols or hand positions, and can be used both for yourself and others.