DNA ShaktiDNA Shakti is a powerful process developed with the help of Archangel Michael that will change your life.  This system repairs DNA, including the chromosomes and genes, and removes any harmful programs such as those for disease or negative habits, by connecting to life energy and creating new, positive potentials.  DNA Shakti makes only beneficial changes and works at a pace that is just right for you, in accordance with free will so it does not make any changes that you don’t want.

You may begin to feel an improvement in your health and well being a few days after your attunement but it can take up to three months to fully implement the changes to your DNA.  After this initial period you will notice positive changes taking place in your life and can then choose to speed up your healing, personal development and spiritual growth by activating your new potentials.

After you have been attuned to DNA Shakti for about a month you will automatically have access to the Clearing Attunement, which has three parts.  First it clears your entire being of negative and/or harmful energies, presences, cords and more.  Then it works towards your healing, personal development and spiritual growth, and finally it fills the space that has been made by all that letting go, filling you with Love and Life.  Once you are attuned to DNA Shakti you will also be able to use this system for energy and space clearing.

A second attunement will be provided to the Master level, allowing you to pass this system to others.

Founder:  Angela Gilbert