Fairy LightWorker ProgramFairies are magickal being that are multidimensional.  They can move in and through the physical realm and their knowledge of quantum physics allows them to move in and out of different dimensions.  We rarely see fairies with our physical eyes but we sense them, feel their presence and very often can communicate with them psychically through telepathy or visions. This Reiki System strengthens and connects you to specific Fairies so that you can easily call for assistance with healing, abundance, magick, guidance, protection, fertility, transformation, transition, strength, love, happiness and beauty.

There are 11 attunements for the Fairy LightWorker Program:

Greenman:  The Greenman is a Nature Spirit that lives within plants.  You may see him peering out from vines, bushes, or trees, moving in the flash of an instant.  He is concerned with healing the Earth, Abundance, Prosperity, Fertility, and the use of both Magickal and Medicinal Herbs.  The Greenman will help your garden grow, produce more flowers, greenery, fruits and vegetables, and help to heal sick plants.  The Greenman can help with healing for yourself and others, including animals.  This attunement includes:

Communication With Plants

To Heal Plants

To Make Healing or Magickal Herbs More Powerful For Your Use

Dryad:  The Dryad is a Nature Deva, a Spirit of Nature.  She is the Lady of the Forest, protecting it and all of its creatures.  She appears as a beautiful woman.  Because the Dryad must stay grounded she will become a tree at the time of the full moon.  The Dryad is a beneficial Nature Spirit who can cloak the wild animals, plants and the entire forest if need be.  She can help you with transformations in your life and can protect you from harm.  She works in Nature to preserve life and restore balance and harmony to Nature, helps with healing yourself, others including animals and plants, saving wildlife, endangered species and rainforests.  She can help you with grounding, remaining practical and adjusting to changes in your life.  This attunement incudes:

Moon Energizing

Dryad Glamour Magick


Woodland Nymph:  The Woodland Nymph is a slender and shorter Fairy that lives in the woods and can change into a plant, flower or bush in the blink of an eye.  They are sensual, agile and love to dance, all of life is a celebration to them.  They can help you with love and relationships, bringing love into your life, enhancing your sensuality, joy and celebration of life and music and dance.  This attunement includes:

To Enhance Sensuality


Gnomes:  Gnomes will protect your property, guard your trees, flowers and crops, even during storms.  They are very grounded to Mother Earth.  They live in dead wood, trees and stumps.  They will protect your home, theirs and those of animals and plants.  The Gnomes love children and will help to protect them too.  Call on the Gnomes to guide you with gardening and planting crops as well as assistance with abundance prosperity and learning to ground yourself.  They will assist you with your work and guide you towards good jobs and careers.  Included in this attunement:

Protection For Your Property

Finding a Job or Achieving a Goal

Sylph:  Sylphs are Air Fairies, usually female who are messengers of Spirit.  They carry messages on the winds, often appearing as a butterfly to carry a message from those who have crossed over.  If you are in need of guidance, or want to communicate with someone who has crossed over the Sylph will help you and offer guidance.  Sylphs will also help you with transformation and inspiration, bring you comfort and guidance in was to may gentle and easy changes to transform your life, enhance your creativity, and open the way for improved intuition, and psychic abilities.  Included in this attunement:

Psychic Meditation

Star Fairy:  The Star Fairy often appears as a glowing star or orb of light, mostly seen at night.  The Star Fairy can also appear in human like form with flowing wings in any size. She brings hope and faith, encourages you to believe in magick, believe in yourself and to follow your dreams.  She will help you with self-esteem, worthiness issues, give you the courage to reach for the stars and is a beacon of hope and encouragement.  If you have a setback the Star fairy will help you to try again, her magick words are “I can.  I can. I CAN!”  Included in the attunement:

Courage and Strength

Pixies:  The Pixies are the ones to call on for help with joy, happiness, curiosity, and releasing the inner child.  They will come into your home and take something they like, something the love the energies of.  If they are borrowing it and intending on returning it they won’t leave anything, but if they are planning on keeping it they will leave something in its place as fair payment for an exchange.  Although they are fun they can be quite a handful sometimes, playing tricks on you, but they are always harmless and fun.  As lovers of fun they won’t let you rest until you have released the playful side of yourself and have some fun.  Included in this attunement:

To Dispel Depression

Stone Fairy:  The Stone Fairies live in crystals and stones.  You can feel a unique energy coming from these stones.  They do not mind you using the energies of these stones and will happily help and enhance your healing or magickal work.  If you look closely you might see a glimpse of one looking back at you from inside your crystal. The Stone Fairy is a healer and also offers wisdom.  Included in this attunement:

Crystal or Stone Meditation – Information Extraction

Ice Fairy:  Ice Fairies are very creative, good natured and full of fun, creating the masterpieces of artwork you see in snowflakes and frost.  They will help you with beauty, love, creating and with freezing situations that are getting out of hand.  They will inspire you, open your eyes to beauty and grace, teach you to take the time to enjoy the small things in life and fill your heart with laughter if you let them.  The Ice Fairies are fond of children who appreciate the slippery ice to slide on and building snowmen.  Their energies can be used to cool fevers, slow the progression of some diseases and work to heal them.  They can also cool down any heated argument, dispute or disagreement.  Included in this attunement:

To Stop Gossip

Water Sprite:  The Water Sprite is the cousin of the Mermaid and can be seen as sparkles of white dancing light on the water.  They will move fairly close to you if they sense that you are a kindred spirit.  Sometimes they will send you a gift of Nature such as a shell or a piece of driftwood.  They can help you with purification, releasing negativity, cleansing, recharging your energies and the blessings of abundance and happiness.  Included in this attunement:

Cleansing or Removing Negative Energies

River Queen – Coventina:  Coventina is The River Queen, a Fairy Goddess known to grant wishes to those who ask.  She is a Goddess of peace, love, prosperity, abundance, healing and Nature.  A Dragonfly is sacred to her and she can appear as one or any other form if she chooses.  She protects and cares for the rivers, streams and lakes, and all of the animals and plants that live there.  She will cleanse your aura, heals animals, calms restlessness and puts your mind at ease, helping you through emotional trials and surrounding you with a soothing peace.  Coventina will bring you harmony, unconditional love, great prosperity and happiness if you will accept these gifts.  Included in this attunement:


Founder:  Linda Colibert