First LifeFirst life is purity, a beginning and being pure from any negative attachments that block our life force.  It is when a spirit has no impurity that is influenced by negative energies.

First Life promotes healthy living by enhancing the flow of energy through your energy field, strengthening the innate healing wisdom of the body.  It regenerates damaged parts of the human spirit so that the original function is restored, stimulating you to be a better human with a better live.  This system influences all levels of being, spirit, mind and body.  It is a wonderful energy of the Divine consciousness.

Attunements in Level 1:

Aura Clearing Attunement:  It clears occupants, portals, wormholes, removes discarnates and many more auric attachments to enhance the Life Force Energy flow through your entire body, preventing many future diseases from manifesting.  This attunement removes the highest priority blockages, thought-forms and auric attachments that cause you the greatest suffering.

Karmic Removal Attunement:  This higher vibration from the Divine consciousness changes your main priority polarized karmic law which are decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, oaths, vows, unresolved emotion and attitudes which consciously and unconsciously obstruct your life.  It is useful in getting you out of your negative karma, removing your deep emotional wounds, limiting beliefs and recovering wisdom.

Genetic Imprints Removal Attunement:  This Divine energy transmutes collective and individual karmic, familial genetic imprints that you have inherited from your parents and ancestors.  The effects of genetic imprints transpire at least seven generations back.  Parents often raise their children as they were raised, passing on their own imprints that can greatly influence our reality life and cover us from our true potential.  With this attunement your Higher Self will guide you in clearing collective belief systems and lies that may have been passed on from generation to generation.

Yin Yang Union Activation:  This attunement removes blockages at the DNA level and transmutes the highest priority ids, disintegrations, archetypes, thought forms, male and female complexes, beliefs, etc. that are related to the Male-Female Rift.  It removes blockages to the divine inner marriage of Divine Feminine and Masculine energies, releasing emotions that have been repressed for many lifetimes, bringing you more joyful and healthy relationships.  This is one of the most important activations and clearings for the evolving ascension of Earth.

Attunements in Level 2:

Tyranny Cycles Removal Attunement:  This attunement releases many personalities and energy configurations of blaming others for our own unhappiness or being a victim.  Victimization is one of the biggest programs running people, causing them to blame everyone and everything for their own unhappiness and “misfortunes”.  Victims give away their self power and feel helpless in many situations.  This attunement helps you to be in charge of and responsible for your own life creation.

Guilt Imprints Clearing Attunement:  Guilt is one of the biggest blockages to joy and self-love and also one of the most used strategies to manipulate others or to be manipulated.  When you are completely clear of guilt others cannot put a guilt trip on you, enabling you to live in joy and embody your Higher Self.

Unconditional Love Frequency Activation:  This is a higher divine energy to remove ids of judgment, hatred and activates the frequency of unconditional love so that we can separate a person’s behavior from their true essence, and helps you to embody the unconditional love frequencies from your Higher Self and to live in line with Divine will.

Self Love Activation:  This activation removes imprints of self-hatred, diminishment, unworthiness, etc. and activates the highest frequencies of self- love, so that you don’t need to look for love outside of yourself.  You will find these frequencies within yourself and from your Higher Self.

Fear Removal Attunement:  This energy focuses on removing thought forms, beliefs, ideas, etc. that resonate with fear, restoring the sacred wisdom that lies within you.  Fear is an illusion and a very low vibrating emotion that distorts our beliefs, and lowers our frequency.  This attunement transmutes whatever fear you may have consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously helping you to live in exuberance, attain pure liberation and experience unconditional love from Source.

First Life Level 1:


First Life Level 2: