LaviliatLaviliat Attunement or Lavender Violet Light Atomic is a modality with great energy that reaches to the atomic structures and to its smallest parts.  It raises your vibration to an even higher spiritual connection, stimulating metaphysical gifts for interdimensional communication, taking meditation to a new high.  As an attunement of self remembering and heightened self-awareness it enables you to recall what you do in all dimensions of conscious, remembering the vast spectrum of your spiritual self, bringing profound emotional and multidimensional healing.

Laviliat clears negative energy, aids joyful spiritual service and higher states of consciousness, gives guidance and protection, shields from unwanted energies, providing a protective sheath around the aura, dispels attached entities and mental influences from the aura, imparts the ability to be self contained even in a crowd and strengthens the energy field around the body.  It is excellent for meditation and soul retrieval, going back into past lives to regain soul energy that did not make the transition from a past life death.

Other benefits include clearing and aligning the chakras, restructuring DNA, stabilizing the cellular blue print, aids transition for the dying, connecting to other worlds to assist the transfer of knowledge from higher realms and aids diagnosis of the body, showing areas of weakness and disease.

The activations in Laviliat are:

Touch Healing:  To be used for self and others.

Distance Healing:  Can be done with the use of a proxy or with other techniques for distance healing.

Laviliat Power Clearing:  Can be used to cancel negative energy being intentionally sent to you and to remove subtle beings as well.

Laviliat Power Shield:  Useful for shielding from unwanted energies, dispelling attached entities and mental influences from the aura.

Laviliat Ascension Power:  This is an excellent tool for meditation and soul retrieval.  It also clears and aligns the chakras, restructures DNA and stabilizes the cellular blueprint.

Aids transition for the dying, imparting the knowledge the soul requires, helping them to move over into enlightenment.

Connects to the other worlds to assist the transfer of knowledge from the higher realms.

Aids diagnosis when gently ‘combed’ over the body, showing areas of weakness, coldness and disease.




Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso