Magickal Crystal LightWork ProgramThe Magickal Crystal LightWork Program will connect you to the basic energies of all crystals and stones.  By being attuned to these energies, you will find that the more specific types and subcategories of crystals and stones will have a heightened and increased energy when you work with them which in turn will enhance your abilities to communicate with and use crystals and stones in energy transfers for healing, psychic work, and manifesting your desires in al areas such as love, prosperity, protection and success.

There are 4 attunements for the Magickal Crystal LightWork Program:

Level 1:  connects you to the energies of all crystals and stones.  The crystals are grouped by color, explaining their properties and uses in magick.  There is a symbol to strengthen and connect you to the natural energies of crystals and stones.

Level 2:  connects you to the healing properties of crystals and stones and heightens your abilities to use them for healing.  You will learn to build a crystal grid, and receive a symbol to strengthen the healing energies.

Level 3:  enhances your psychic abilities in using crystals and stones for psychic work.  You will learn to work with the psychic energies of the stones to increase your own psychic abilities with the help of a symbol that represents the third eye with the light of Spirit shining through.  Also included is a crystal meditation, and ways to recharge your crystals.

Level 4:  strengthens your personal power and increases your abilities to manifest your desires when using crystals and stones.  This adds focus to your work.  The symbol for this system is the Magickal Crystal LightWork Program Manifestation Symbol.  There is also a spell included at this level.



Founder:  Linda Colibert