Magickal LightWorker ProgramThis program starts out with a very extensive manual to introduce you to the concepts of the system.  As Linda Colibert says in this manual, Magick is all around you and there is nothing mysterious about it.  The source of Magick and Lightwork is everywhere, in you, in me, in the Earth and in the stars.  It is the life force, the chi, the prana, the energy that gives you life, and it courses through everything that exists, ever has existed and ever will exist.  Magick is energy and the ability to influence the way this energy manifests.  It is the pure potential energy, the power to create.  Lightwork is Magick guided by Universal Love, the greatest power in existence.  Magickal Lightwork is the energy to create, to manifest with skill, combined with pure unconditional love.  The two compliment each other and make the energies stronger.  Magick is the art of influencing the transformation of the ever changing, ever moving energy to manifest your desires on the physical plane.  Lightwork stems from Reiki energies, which are a form of healing energy.  Where Magick leans heavily on manifestation of your desires by influencing energy to transform a situation or circumstance, Lightwork and Reiki view the root of all illness, poverty, lack and limitations as being created by illusions of belief.  Reiki sees the cause of all pain and suffering as an illusion created by negative thinking.  Lightwork is working with the Universal energies of creation to clear away all negativity, replacing it with love and light to heal any illness or situation.  When Magick and Lightwork are combined, the power to change your life is enhanced.  We are meant to be healthy, happy, abundant, prosperous and loved in this life.  You have the power within to create the life you want, to live in harmony and with joy.  The ability to change your life is a gift you were born with, a gift from the Universe.

The source of Magick and Lightwork is life force energy, available to us all on equal terms.  The rules that govern how this energy can be transmuted, changed and transformed are the Universal Laws that apply to everyone and everything equally.  The twelve universal laws below are covered in the first manual both from a traditional perspective and then from a Magickal perspective:

The Universal Law of Oneness

Law of Vibration

The Universal Law of Action

Universal Law of Correspondence

Universal Law of Cause and Effect

Universal Law of Compensation

Universal Law of Attraction

Universal Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Universal Law of Relativity

Universal Law of Polarity

Universal Law of Rhythm

Universal Law of Gender


This manual also teaches you about:

Creating Sacred Space

Circle Casting

Magick of the Elements

The Element Earth

Money Plant Spell

The Element Air

Wisdom Feather Magick Spell

Feather Success Wish Spell

The Element Fire

Fire Money Spell

Fire Circle of Protection

The Element Water

Sun Water

Full Moon Water

Water Abundance Spell

Correspondences for Earth, Air, Fire and Water


The six attunements of Magickal Lightwork Program.

Higher Self
Your Higher Self resides in the Spiritual Plane and is the seat of your soul.  It is the very essence of you, the part of you that is pure, unconditional love, and this part is perfect.  It is the part of you that is born of Spirit, the Divine part of your existence.  When you are able to connect with your Higher Self, you will have access to the energy of pure light and wisdom.  This attunement strengthens your connection to your Higher Self, speeds up your ascension and your ability to connect to your Higher Self.  It will clear blockages that may be slowing or interfering with your ability to consciously connect to your Higher Self.  It opens the path and clears the way so can easily connect with your Higher Self.  This connection will help you understand the 12 Universal Laws and guide you in using them to change your life by raising your vibration.

Angels are all around us, watching over us, bringing us comfort when we are having trials and challenges in life.  We each have at least one guardian angel to keep us safe, protecting us from danger whenever we need them.  Angels are very powerful and will respond with speed when you ask them for help.  They are Higher Beings who come to your aid when you call on them, no matter what you need.  They can help you find peace and comfort when your heart aches, assist you with financial problems, give you healing energies to speed recovery, guide you to opportunities and so much more.  This attunement connects you with your personal Angels, strengthens the connection and speeds your ascension by raising your vibration.

Working with Fairies in both magick and lightwork is a joy!  They have a great sense of humor and are everywhere in Nature.  When you work with Fairies in magick they are more than happy to help you.  However, they may guide you to do something ice for the animals or nature in return for their assistance. They like to have fun and enjoy sharing this sense of joy with us.  Dancing, music, playful times that allow your inner child to have fun are a part of working with the Fairies.  Fairies are wonderful healers, will clear your aura, help heal your wounds, illness or disease and are quick to respond when you need emotional healing.  Fairies will bring inspiration and joy to you with their positive energies by helping your inner child come forth to see the wonder and beauty in all of Nature.  This attunement will help you to connect with the Fairies and will strengthen your connection to them.  If you are a healer, the Fairies will lend their energies to your healing work.  If you are working with magick, they will help you achieve your goals.  If you are in need of cheering up, they will brighten your outlook on life.

Dragons have been around for a long time.  They command respect, are very powerful, very elegant, very wise, very intelligent and value games of wit such as riddles.  People have come to fear Dragons because they don’t understand or know much about them.  They have become secluded and are multidimensional creatures that can move through solid objects in the physical world.  They use their ability to stay hidden from people so that they do not scare anyone, which would breed more fear.  They do not seek to harm people, would rather stay away from them and live in peaceful seclusion.  Dragons will lend their energies and power to your Magickal Lightwork, will offer guidance and wisdom to keep you on track in your life path, help you with challenges and confusion, protect and guide you and offer their assistance if what you ask is for the Highest Good.  This attunement connects you to the energies of Dragons and strengthens the connection, allowing you to vibrate on an energy level that will help you to communicate with them.

Throughout ancient times, the Goddess has brought balance to the Universe through the feminine aspect of Divinity.  God and Goddess are in balance.  Both are necessary for the balance in the Universe and are present in all that is.  The Goddess is the Divine Maiden, the Sacred Mother, the Wise Crone, and She represents all phases of life.  As the Maiden She is the essence of youth, birth, strength, courage and the beginning of things.  As the Mother, She is the nurturer, the protector, the provider, and the comforter.  As the Crone She is the essence of wisdom, knowledge, experience and power.  In all phases, the Goddess brings life, love, abundance, and manifestation of happiness.  The moon represents the Goddess.  This manual gives you some basic information about the astrological aspects of the Moon and the Goddess.  The Goddess brings love, light, happiness, creativity, protection, joy, laughter, abundance, prosperity and psychic messages.  Calling on Her balances the masculine energies with the feminine energies – yin and yang, which are both equally important and necessary to life.  The Goddess encourages each of us to stand in our own power – to be empowered.  This attunement helps you with empowerment, to be strong, self assured, self sufficient, confident, independent, courageous, wise, kind, loving and to be who you truly are.  It connects you the power and energies of the Goddess in a way that accelerates your spiritual growth.

Working with your Guides will help your spiritual ascension and enhance your psychic abilities.  Your guides will always speak directly and to the point and will never tell you to do something that is harmful to you or anyone else.  They always work for the Highest Good.  You may hear them speaking to you, receive visions during meditation or flashes of insight at any time.  You may have a gut feeling or instinct about something, or see signs around you.  You may have animal guides, spirit guides or even loved ones that have crossed over to come offering their assistance and give you guidance.  Most people have many guides.  They do not interfere in your free will but are always available to you when you need them.  This manual teaches you about the different types of guides: Animal Guides – Totem Animals, Animals Who Have Crossed Over, Ascended Masters, Guides of Light, Angels, Fairies and Those Who Have Crossed Over.   You will also learn how to receive psychic messages.  This attunement will help you to connect more easily with your personal guides, strengthen the connection so that you will be better able to follow your life’s path and stay on track, and accelerate your spiritual growth.

Prerequisites:  Anyone can take the Magickal Lighworker Program.  It helps if you have worked with magick or Reiki energies, especially Usui or Kundalini Reiki however it is not required.  There is no specific time required between each of the attunements.


Founder:  Linda Colibert