Melek Metatron CoronaThe initiation into Melek Metatron Magnetic is done by the Angel Metatron and Kryon.  It is preparation for the planetary ascension.  You will be attuned to a symbol that will bring you magnetic energy when you visualize it daily.

Kryon is a noble spiritual being, full of love, a higher cosmic being from the universe full of magnetism, called Quadril 5.   Kryon calls himself the Master of Magnetism.  He has been aligning and redoing the magnetic grid around the Earth since 1987, helping people to feel the energy of love.  He will remain in the first Central Universe helping our planet in the Ascension.  As the manual tells us Kryon said:  Pay attention to the signs of the times, as they point the way.  And the signs are on the rise.

To act in our universe Kryon merged with a group of angels.  Metatron is an Angel of Magnetism who belongs to the frequencies of Alpha Crystal, which is now coming to Earth.

Prerequisite:  To receive this initiation you must have the attunement Ascendency Energy 999.


Founder:  Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer