Gold and Silver AbundanceThis attunement is part of a series that includes:
Purple Prosperity Reiki
Gold and Silver Abundance
Joyful Wealth Reiki

The easy to use energies of the Gold and Silver Abundance Reiki system connect you to the creative source for empowerment, help you to ascend into abundance consciousness, and help you to draw abundance of good things in all areas of your life.  It assists you to draw positive opportunities and guidance in what actions to take to manifest the Abundance in financial, relationships, health, and protection areas of your life that you desire to improve.  The energies help in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual expansion that allow you to be ready to receive the Abundance in life that you desire.

Although these three systems can be used separately for powerful results, they will all work together to enhance the energies of each of them if you choose to use them together to help difficult money issues to resolve and heal more quickly, bringing positive prosperity and abundance faster than it would normally take.

In pagan spirituality Gold represents God and Silver represents Goddess, male and female energies, yang and yin to balance and create all that you desire in a positive way for your highest good.  These are the energies you will be connected to by Gold and Silver Abundance Reiki, helping you to draw the opportunities of abundance into all areas of your life.  In order to use all three systems in Wealth Trilogy Reiki you must be attuned to each system.

There is one symbol included in the Gold and Silver Abundance attunement.

Founder:  Linda Colibert