Golden Flame AttunementGolden Flame Attunement transmits a very gently flowing, loving, Golden Flame, which acts directly upon the Heart Chakra.  It is very deep and warming, permeating through your entire being, cleansing each chakra as it goes.  It invigorates the brain and encourages a spiritual white light to enter through the Crown Chakra, bathing the inner head area to bring calmness to your physical brain, and creates a golden halo around the head, which is very spiritually calming.

Golden Flame creates a very strong, direct spiritual link from your Crown to Heart Chakras, enabling you to directly receive spiritual insights at the heart level, helping you to meet and deal with fears and heal them.

The energies of this system have a powerful healing action upon emotional scars with the Heart Chakra, and also expose emotional issues, enabling you to work on them.  Mentally this attunement increases clarity by increasing the intensity, strength and quality of neuro-transmission and reception.  It also strengthens the central nervous system, cleanses and empowers the etheric energies that permeate the spinal cord, and brings strength to the physical heart, purifying the blood by releasing toxins, an stimulating red blood cell production.

Golden Flame is transmitted within the aura and in close proximity to the physical body creating a powerful cloak of psychic protection.

Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso