Golden Heart LightGolden Heart Light is a great attunement that activates, opens, and energizes the Heart Chakra, and can facilitate a deep heart connection with Mother Earth.  It works to heal all issues of the heart for emotional healing and allows you to be open to the loving energies of the Universe and others.  It is excellent for those who have been abused as children.  The pure energies of this system can heal the inner child, allowing you the security needed to explore feelings on a deeper level, letting go of past hurt and turmoil now!  The flexibility of this system is said to strengthen the arms and legs.

This energy is wonderful for removing guilt that accumulates in our heart that can cause energy blockages, cleansing the entire energy system.  It also can clear and stimulate all the chakras to a higher level of awareness and action, invigorating and refreshing on all levels.

This beautiful energy can enrich ones life, environment and planet, and can promote inner cellular awareness, allowing for knowledge of any health problems that may be lurking.

A Heart Chakra meditation is included in the manual.  You may use these energies for yourself, and others either in person or at a distance.



Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso