Great White LIghtGreat White Light opens and stimulates the Heart Chakra, allowing your consciousness to enter your Heart center so that you can fully integrate the energy love on all levels and know your “inner truth”.  The energy activates the Heart Chakra so that you radiate a strong loving energy, filling all of your being, helping you to become emotionally stable, strong, and dispelling low vibrational energies.  You will be able to radiate love to others and to become what we really are, enlightened loving beings.

Great White Light allows you to communicate with higher dimensional guides and masters, enhancing your inner/spiritual vision, opening and activating the Crown Chakra so that you receive information and guidance an connecting you to your soul and in turn your monad.

The energy of this system helps to raise your vibrations and integrate the higher frequency energies on all levels of your being, bringing the energies of your lower and higher energetic bodies into alignment and aiding in your Ascension process.

A White Light Meditation is included in the manual.



Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso