Heart Force AwarenessHeart Force Awareness energy can help to activate slow or sluggish chakras, opening them to allow higher dimensional frequencies to flow and thus bringing forth your higher-self vibrations.  This system is a refreshing energy that promotes healing of the emotions, and heals situations such as abuse, neglect, sadness and despair.  Because it helps overcome these past hurtful energies and find joy in the current moment it is an energy of “Living in the Moment”, bringing calm, confidence and self-worth.  Heart Force Awareness is good for alignment and attunement with the spiritual energies.  It also helps to heal physical issues such as heartburn, physical heart problems, Meniere’s disease.  It can be used for yourself, and others, both in person and at a distance.

The manual includes a Heart Force Meditation.

Founder:  Argandini Titisari