Holographic Brain Root FlushHolographic Brain Root Flush diffracts the light of your light body geometries to lift and separate out any discordant energies in both directions.  It balances and stabilizes your brain and root energies with the holographic reality here on Earth and with the upper dimensional heavenly matrices.  This system is designed to use the Light beyond the Light of this Universe, the Light of Eternal Sacred Source to diffract the light within your energy field.  Dirty energies are flushed away.

Your brain assists with mental processing and your root chakra is concerned with where to anchor.  Old belief systems or worries and fears can build up in your root chakra.  Using this system helps to flush away energies that are not in harmony with your current intentions and promotes balance within your body and energy fields.

Holographic Brain Root Flush brings peace, also introduces your body to another way to anchor on planet Earth by bringing your body’s awareness to parallel realities and showing it how to stabilize you with the Earth.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture