Joyful Wealth ReikiThis attunement is part of a series that includes:
Purple Prosperity Reiki
Gold and Silver Abundance
Joyful Wealth Reiki

Joyful Wealth Reiki connects you to the energies of Spiritual Creative Source and your higher self.  The energies of this attunement help to realign your energies with happiness and joy in order to bring more wealth into your life.  Being joyfully wealthy means being in harmony with all that you need and following your true path.  When you love what you do and love yourself to take care of yourself joy comes into your life brining all the wealth you love you need and more.  This system helps you to fulfill your highest potential for the highest good by realigning your energies to a higher vibration.

Although these three systems can be used separately for powerful results, they will all work together to enhance the energies of each of them if you choose to use them together to help difficult money issues to resolve and heal more quickly, bringing positive prosperity and abundance faster than it would normally take.

Being Joyfully Wealthy is a way of life in which you give and receive, and feel good about yourself, giving your life value.  You must value yourself, your ideas, your thoughts, your hopes and reams as well as giving and receiving.  Feeling worthy is a part of being truly wealthy because wealth is more than just money, though having money is a part of it.  Compassion, love and kindness are all a part of Joyful Wealth.

One symbol is included in Joyful Wealth Reiki.

Founder:  Linda Colibert