Lotus Frequency MatrixLotus Frequency Matrix is a spiritual energetic tool, channeled from the Source and Ascended Master Kuan Yin as a spiritual healing system.  It arrives a very pure vibration that works on the heart energy, and activates intellect and high consciousness, linking to the angelic realms.  Its brilliance comes from cosmic light, sometimes found with a Buddha formation that draws enlightenment and spiritual light.  The energy provides a link to serenity and eternal wisdom.  Used in meditation it takes you to a high state of consciousness and accesses inner guidance, facilitating deep change and leaving the past behind.  It can act as a karmic cleanser.

The energy of this system stimulates the Third Eye, the Crown and the Higher Crown Chakras, aligns the Heart Chakra, and clarifies the aura.  It also promotes lucid dreams, eases and changes recalcitrant attitudes and brings patience and peace of mind.

When you work with this energy it aids in discovering your link to Source, and can facilitate the process of clarifying and purifying consciousness to that you speak and act from a place of truth.  It supports a state of enthusiastic well-being, and enhances clairvoyance, mental clarity, gratitude, joy and awareness of destiny.

As a healing tool it clears allergies, chronic conditions, detoxifies, treats the liver, gallbladder, and aids muscular and motor function.  It regulates cell disorders, activates T-cells and thymus, relieves Meniere’s disease, eases high blood pressure, and alleviates pain and migraine.  This energy can also prevent heart attacks and heal heart conditions, lessen fatigue and help to overcome shock.  It is a detoxifier, regenerating the liver and effective in overcoming addictions and stress.

Two meditations are included in the manual:  Kuan Yin Meditation and Lotus Heart Meditation.

The energies of Lotus Frequency Matrix can be used both for your self and others, in person and at a distance.

Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso