Prolific Sales ActivatorProlific Sales Activator is a strong activator of sales for you and the business you are associated with!  It activates you and your advertisements or listings, helping you to be noticed by people who are qualified to purchase your products or services.  Qualified prospects will be activated to make the positive decision to secure the sale by signing the contract or sending the funds to complete the sale.

Self Forgiveness Ray:

The most important factor that goes into successfully receiving a paid sale is you.  If you do not like or are not comfortable with yourself it is more difficult to get a person to want to do business with you.  The very most common reason that people don’t like themselves is due to the lack of self worth.  Focusing on activities and self-talk that increase your own likeability can be assisted by using the Self Forgiveness Ray.  You don’t need to feel the forgiveness, but simply need to be willing to allow yourself to forgive yourself.  The Self Forgiveness Ray arrives to you from the higher levels of you, infused with the unconditional forgiveness and acceptance of Eternal Sacred Source.  It is helpful in forgiving yourself n any area of your life.

Activating the energy of this system is like an ignition or a spark that ignites the energy so that people will take action to make the purchases with you that they have need for and money to buy.  Prolific Sales Activator works great in any currency and the transitioning of currency from one form to another, as it passes from a location that may use a different currency than yours.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture