Purchase Attraction RaysPurchases happen because of agreements.  Attracting agreements is what this attunement does, seeking out people who both want and have the means to purchase whatever it is that you are offering.  These people will become aware of your business offering, and then agreement occurs, in full alignment with Divine and Cosmic Law.  These energies are very safe to call in and activate for you, your client, and your business.

Many variables must come together in order for a person to sign a contract, shake your hand to seal a business agreement, hand you cash or a credit card or click ‘buy’ online.  Successful purchase happens when two or more people agree on the terms of purchase.  Purchase Attraction Rays are a win, win spiritual helper for all involved.  This system helps you to attract people who have the means to pay, to whatever kind of business or service you are offering.

This is a wonderful tool that you can activate daily.  You will also need to do your part in the physical world by advertising and other ways that help to attract people to your business.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture