Purple Prosperity ReikiThis attunement is part of a series that includes:
Purple Prosperity Reiki
Gold and Silver Abundance
Joyful Wealth Reiki

Purple Prosperity Reiki connects you to the Infinite Intelligence Source – Spirit – and to your higher self as well as the energies of purple and prosperity.  This system works to raise your vibration to a higher energy of prosperity in which negative influences can no longer interfere or block your flow of money.  Purple Prosperity helps transmute your negative money issues into pure powerful positive energies that draw prosperity and steady cash flow.  With this easy system you can connect quickly for a burst of energy to help with any money issue.

Although these three systems can be used separately for powerful results, they will all work together to enhance the energies of each of them if you choose to use them together to help difficult money issues to resolve and heal more quickly, bringing positive prosperity and abundance faster than it would normally take.

Purple is a very high energy color associated with royalty, wealth and high society.  In ancient times it was a color that was harder to make and generally only the wealthy could wear purple.  As a spiritual and high energy color, all shades of purple transmute lower or negative energies to a higher level.  When purple is used to heal money issues, it transmutes those blocks and negative, sluggish energies into higher energies that move faster, putting you in alignment with prosperity.  Purple light dissolves the bocks and raises the frequency of vibration so that higher energies rush in to fill the void.

One symbol is included in this attunement.

Founder:  Linda Colibert