Totem ReikiTotem Reiki is based on the idea that we have a spiritual connection with a special animal “totem” who serves as a spirit guide and helper during our lifetimes.  This system is concerned with the “specific kind of energy” that an animal totem can bring to your healing sessions.  Animals have certain qualities that are naturally healing and uplifting to various emotional states.

The purpose of Totem Reiki is to connect you with your personal animal totem, and then you can ask the animal totem to assist you in your healing sessions when guided.  The attunement is also designed to strengthen and enhance your relationship with your animal totem.  The animals that show up can be “real” animals or magical animals such as unicorns or dragons, anything that your imagination dreams up.

This system is very simple to use, activated by intention.  You can then use Reiki as you would in any regular session, or you can use non-traditional Reiki systems and symbols, during which your totem will add additional healing to the session.  Your totem animal spirit may offer you its own symbol, color or sound, to be used in healing sessions.  You will also learn to meditate with your totem.

Founder:  Stephanie Brail