Aura Empowerment ReikiAura Empowerment Reiki is a powerful tool for healers to protect their aura during healing energy treatments, for people working in the medical profession as well as for individuals who are involved in public work and are often surrounded by the large public.  It is also very beneficial for people whose daily lives are characterized by an environment with difficult interpersonal relationships and for children whose energy field is still very open to outside vibrations and need protection, as well as for sensitive children and indigo children.

Vibrations produced in the form of thought, sounds and words, symbols and other vibrations produced by our senses can enter our subtle energy field and pas though all layers until they reach our chakras, and then turn into “physical energy” flowing through the nadis.  If these vibrations are positive then our “light energy body” (our aura) will become strong and healthy, warding off illness and unwell-being, however if the energies are negative the opposite occurs.  Our aura is our “primary gate” for vibrational energies to enter our body, mind and spirit.  The use of Aura Empowerment Reiki wards off any negative emotions and thoughts other people have about you so that your energy levels will no longer be affected by the thought vibrations of other people.

Aura Empowerment Reiki is not about seeing the aura, it is about strengthening the energy field to prevent outside vibrations form affecting our different aura layers and thereby our whole being.  With this system you will be attuned to the healing rays of Archangel Metatron, who will help you in your Aura Empowerment work and in the attunements you perform on others, making it very valuable for people who do chakra balancing therapeutic work.  You will be taught how to perform Aura Empowerment Reiki Sessions and which symbols to use.

The manual contains:
Detailed explanations of the aura
How to perform an aura empowerment session
Visualization for aura layer connection
Visualization for aura protectional boundaries
Visualization for aura clearing
Visualization for aura attunement
Visualization for aura invigoration
Visualization for aura self-empowerment
Chakra cards that help optimize the healing during the after treatment period
Associations for each chakra


Founders:  Edite Peca and Victor Glanckopf