Auric Blockages SweeperAuric Blockages Sweeper has infinite waves of pure and high universal energies that can sweep blockages or negative energies that have influenced our auric body.  The wave of pure energies will be concentrated to our auric body to cleanse all negativity that caused imbalanced an unharmonious state within our body. This energy will also stimulate the energy centers throughout our body, thus can increase our body vitality and strength.  It makes a balance and harmonious state within our mental plane, which is the most fragile body against the influence of negativities.  Anger, sadness, hate, jealous, distrust of self, hesitancy, etc. will be soothed as our auric body is swept over and over again by pure universal energies.  At the same time, the wave frequencies will resonate strongly with all energy centers within our body and create a strong auric field from the inside.  This energetic system has a pattern to increase our self power from within and simultaneously facilitate the cleansing process as outer stimulation.   It also helps us to improve our physical endurance against disease or illness by increasing our immune system, providing a healthy state within the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Several methods are used to cleanse the auric body:
Pure White Light Waves
Cosmic Ocean Waves
Spiritual Pure Energy Vortex
Fire of Universe
Sphere Universe Light
Angelic Light
A meditation
Earth Sitting Grounding Technique
Shoes Off Grounding Technique
Roof Visualization Grounding Technique

This system can be used for yourself, and others both in person and at a distance.

Founder:  Maha Kamaleksana