Great Energy SpinGreat Energy Spin is a multi-beneficial modality, such as grounding, purification, healing and protection.  It has a frequency that connects to all of the chakras, helping to purify your entire chakra system and energy fields.  It connects to all of the chakras to aid in balancing and strengthening all of the energetic systems present within all levels of your being.  The high vibration of this system open’s your consciousness to the higher dimensions to bring forth knowledge and wisdom that will help you to move forward on your soul’s path.  The energy brings your energy fields into alignment and then grounds the energy to the magnetic core of the Earth, thus allowing for the integration of energy on all levels of your being.

As a healing tool, Great Energy Spin stimulates the Heart Chakra by helping you to stay focused within your heart center so that you can give and receive “love” on all levels.  It helps in releasing emotional fear-based issues and to “forgive” and thus “heal” emotional issues within relationships including that with yourself.  This system helps with your “will” and to bring it into alignment with your “heart”.  It assists in releasing deeply held emotional wounds, aiding emotional healing, so that you may move forward.  It opens and aligns your heart center so that you may radiate love.

Great Energy spin allows for multi-dimensional healing to take place by aligning the etheric body to the physical body, cleansing and purifying the etheric blueprint of cells and organs that are out of alignment.  This will help to prevent any issues and diseases from manifesting in your physical body.

This system can also be used for protection, acting as a psychic protector, allowing you to “feel” negative energies within your energy fields and environment so that you can repel any negativity that is directed at you.

Great Energy Spin becomes an energy conductor and can transfer and ground a wide range of vibrational frequencies.  It can be used to enhance the energies of many healing modalities.


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso