Inner Self Evolution Empowerments WorkshopInner Self Evolution Empowerments Workshop is a method of Spiritual cord cutting.  According to the founder, Hari Andri Winarso “it is by far one of the best ways I have channeled to release any negative emotions we encounter each day, we have held on to from all lives past and present and cutting all emotional bonds to others that are no longer needed in our day to day lives.”  It is based on Truth that only love is real and all fears and negativities we run across are only illusions.  When you understand that the only real vibration is love you will encounter an amazing discovery and journey into your self.

A cord is a negative energetic structure that ties you and another person together.  There are two types of connections made in relationships.  The first is the spiritual, positive bond that contains energies such as unconditional love, good times and lessons learned together such as fondness and affection.  We never sever this type of positive cord because it contains all that is good about the relationship.  A negative cord of attachment is the second tpe of connection.  It contains all the negative energies in a relationship.

The Inner Self Evolution Empowerments Workshop took some simple, mental, emotional and spiritual tools/functions of cord cutting and turned them into very powerful tools of karmic healing.  Although cord cutting sounds vicious, it is not, it is just dissolving attachments that can be any negative thought you have had about anything that in some way causes you pain and suffering.   Attachments to negative events can cause pain and disease in our lives.   Cord cutting doesn’t change events but it does change the way everyone involved views the event.  This technique heals you and others involved without you having to request this and all beings are healed of their pain to some extent. Any attachment filled with love will never be altered or cut by this technique.

Inner Self Evolution Empowerments Workshop is also helpful in deep traumatic healing of:
Sexual abuse
Emotional abuse
Physical abuse
Parental neglect
Traumas and phobias
Health-related trauma

It also helps in:
Improving and healing relationships (past, present, future ones)
Any kind of self-healing and self-improvement
Creating new circumstances in life

Contents of Inner Self Evolution Empowerments Workshop:
Inner Self Evolution Attunement
Receive The Attunement
Pass The Attunement
Positive Location Empowerment I
Emotional Blockages Removal
Mental Detoxification
Trauma Healing
Toxin Relationships Cleansing
Relationship Healing
Life Balancing
Life Focus Empowerment
Inner Courage
Karmic Healing
Self Awareness
Positive Location Empowerment II


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso