Lion ReikiLion Reiki works with the archetypal energy of the lion and connects you with a lion totem, helping you learn how to embody the positive aspects of the lion archetype.

The lion is often thought of as a “masculine” animal although the “King of the Forest” is actually a queen much of the time, as it is the female lion who does the hunting while the male lies around and preens with his glorious mane.  Because the females often hunt and work in groups, the lion totem can provide support in dealing with groups. The feminine energy represented by the lion is that of a strong mother who nurtures and protects her young.  The lion also teaches stealth, helping you to find a less direct path towards a goal and learn how to approach it from a different angle.

The lion totem also represents:
Feminine energy

You will receive your own lion totem for use with Lion Reiki, who will assist you in healings and can also be used for protection of yourself or someone you are working with.

The manual includes a meditation that works with the masculine, sun energy of the lion.

Founder:  Stephanie Brail