Owl EmpowermentOwl Medicine is associated with clairvoyance, astral protection and magic.  Although humanity is often afraid of the night, the dark and the unseen, night is Owl’s friend.  It has great awareness of all that is around it at all times.  it has predator vision, meaning it sees clearly what it looks at.  It also has great intuition and the courage to follow its instincts.  Owl can be a fierce warrior if challenged or if something dear to it is threatened.  Owl sees and knows the truth.  Its ability to navigate through the darkest night and bring back nourishment for itself and others is the foundation of this essence.  When you have lost your way, owl essence will guide you back to your proper path and wisdom.  in Greek mythology an Owl was sacred to Pallas Athene, the Goddess of wisdom because it sat on her shoulder and lit up her blind side.

Messenger Between Planes
Sight Beyond Illusion
Lunar Magic
Conveyor of Omens
Swift Movement
Shape Shifting

Owls have long been associated with both death and wisdom.  They know that all apparent manner of death is in fact a liberation into a new life.  Owl can take us beyond our thoughts and fears of death, for Owl sees far into the future and knows that even after the darkest night a new dawn is approaching.  From every death something new must emerge for life is ever renewing itself.

Founder:  Elizabeth (Starlightowl) Hibel