Rejuvenation EmpowermentThe Rejuvenation Empowerment is a gentle, soothing energy that meant to be used as a balm to stress, tension, worry or fear.  It is extremely easy to use, doesn’t have any energetic side effects and can be used in conjunction with other types of Reiki.  The purpose of this energy is to calm, soothe and refresh.  It’s wonderful to use with someone who is fatigued and feeling overwhelmed.  It is not a deep healing to clear out old energetic and emotional “muck” that might be causing stress, worries and problems, but rather it is a booster that can help someone get centered and peaceful in order to deal with whatever they need to deal with.  It can be used for everyday stress as well as major overwhelm.

The energy of Rejuvenation Empowerment is activated by intention and/or visualization, can be used as often as needed and is a wonderful energy to use right before bedtime.

Founder:  Stephanie Brail