Star Frequency ActivationStar Frequency transmits a very high frequency of star that works directly at the crown chakra level, which helps with depression.  It accesses very powerful, uplifting properties at an emotional level, helps dissolve emotional issues at a heart level allowing the heart chakra to breathe more easily.  It enhances memory recall of pleasant experiences, promotes a positive mental outlook and happiness, brings confidence and courage to the heart center and imbues the spirit with an air of optimism for a bright future.  This system is extremely cleansing and uplifting at the mental level, lightening up the mind and refreshing the physical brain.

Star Frequency works on the optic nerve and visual cortex to enhance clarity of vision while at the same time removing physical stress from the visual system.  It’s good for those who work with computers.  It also has the effect of enhancing inner vision at an intuitive level, helping you to see the truth in al situations.

The frequency opens the crown chakra, allowing selective cleansing energies to enter the being and ‘spring clean’ the body by releasing toxic and negative vibrational energy patterns throughout the different levels of the aura.  This directly improves the physical body.  The brightness of the star energy permeates the body at a cellular level in a wonderful, cleansing way.

This system can be used for yourself, or others in person and at a distance.

Hari Andri Winarso