TelomereTelomere is derived from the Greek nouns telos “end” and meros “part”.  Telomeres are the guardians of DNA.   A Telomere is a region of repetitive DNA, which protects the end of a chromosome and dissuades the degradation of genes near the ends of the chromosomes by allowing for the shortening of chromosome ends, which occurs during chromosome replication.  This protection prevents the loss of vital genetic information, which is needed to sustain active healthy cells.

Damaged DNA that can no longer replicate is alleged to be one supposition of aging. This can be caused by negative associations of telomere shorting such things as weight gain, originated stress, over abundance of free radicals, aging, toxin intrusion diet, etc.  Telomere Empowerment slows down cellular aging by increasing new telomeres, protecting existing telomeres and keeping telomere length.

You will also receive Telomerase Activation with this empowerment.  Telomerase is an enzyme that assists with the replacement of telomeres, helping each dividing cell to replicate the lost bits of telomere and has the potential to repair age or disease related damage.  It is alleged that those with depression and biopolar disorders have shorter telomeres, which is the equivalent of 10 years of aging.

Telomere Empowerment May Assist With:
Strengthened Immune Function
Improved Memory
Renewal of Impaired Physical Functioning
Cellular Regeneration
Glowing Aura
Hair Growth
Increase of New Telomeres

Founder:  Rosemary Noel