Vibrational Pulsing Radiance



Vibrational Pulsing Radiance Healing melts blocks in the nervous system, dissolves disease and restores the body’s natural energy flow.  It is strongly recommended for anyone that has had a traumatic event in their lives as our body can actually store the energy of events.  This includes things like accidents, physical assaults or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  The client need not discuss or remember the event. The trauma energy is released regardless of their conscious knowledge of the event. The trauma is released through a pulsing that matches the heart rate, combined with life force energy, on the seven major chakras.

Benefits Of Vibrational Pulsing Radiance Healing:
Clear the aura
Clear and open the chakras
Release the trauma

The energy of this system can be used for yourself, or others both in person and at a distance.


Founder:  Argandini Titisari