Big Mama Energy

Big Mama Energy helps to reveal personal and Universal Yin energy.  It is very related to the feminine principle within our lives that contributes to present warm, patience, calm, balance and coherence, giving us information, awareness and concentration to heal ourselves.

When working with this energy we can connect to Goddess Essence, feeling the loving hands and kisses of the Mother, seeing our life’s path and comprehend the feminine part of the Absolute.

Big Mama Energy also promotes a fast recovery from a wide variety of maladies from simple colds and bruises to autoimmune diseases and degenerative disorders.  It is a holistic nature energy-healing vibration that aligns and strengthens the natural healing system of the human body.  It helps us not only to just heal, but to actually REGENERATE to the innate healthy state of our body’s original design.

The Benefits Of Big Mama Energy:
Development Of The Intuition
Improvement Of Wealth
Unconditional Love
Development Of Empathy And Attraction
Balance Of Fluid Process In Our Organism
Promotes Ultimate Health As Its Origin
And More…

Founder:  Maha Kamaleksana