Emerald Light VortexEmerald Light Vortex will assist you to discover deep creatix energies of your own.  This attunement will assist you to stand strong in your heart energies, as deep creative energies emerge.  Working with The Emerald Light frequency enables us to identify, target and loosen deep core issues and patterns that limit and can hold people captive over several lifetimes.

This system gives peace and harmony to body, heart, soul and spirit.  The frequency carries the power to align us with natural forces.  It is energizing, restful, replenishing and calming.  The energy of Emerald Light Vortex is useful in transmuting illness, it emits vibrations of balance, healing and infinite patience to all who need attunement and inspiration, providing us with a serene inner lift.

Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso