Connective Tissue ServiceConnective Tissue Service is advanced work so it is helpful if you are already a Reiki, Seichim, Shamballa or Huna Master Teacher.  If you are not you may prayerfully connect with your inner guidance to be sure that you are ready for tis level of work.  Your Higher Self and inner wisdom knows if this energy system will be right for you.  If you are not ready there are safety guards built in that will stop this system from working.

The following functions are included in the Connective Tissue Service Attunement:
Inflammation Reduction Ray
Muscle Mender Ray
Tikkun Shakti
Dissolver Shakti
Ethereal Fascia Massage
Healthy Tissue Enhancement
Trigger Point Treatment
Optimal Bone Density Field
Ideal Calcium Concentration
Bone Marrow Vitality

Use the energies of this system for:
Mending muscles
Fascia massage
Repair tendons and ligaments
Physical pain
Optimal bone density
Ideal calcium concentration
Bone marrow vitality
Reinforce the positive healthy state of being for your body consciousness and your connective tissue

Many of the assistance services of Connective Tissue Service are provided by Shakti (Divine Intelligences), other Light Beings, or people who have passed on and used to be in human form here on Earth.  This system is much more effective when used for self care by people who are truly ready to work directly with the Forces of Divinity that bring these gifts to us, although some functions may be activated for others.

The Connective Tissue Service attunement may only be passed to others if you are a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture