Deep Purple Energy FlowDeep Purple Energy Flow is a powerful energy pattern that can be used for physical throat conditions, headaches, and clearing mental and emotional blockages of communication, especially those related to sharing your beliefs with others.  This energy healing encompasses the entire head, including disorders of the eyes and ears and can also be used for skin and spinal problems.

The pattern of Deep Purple Energy Flow has the ability to break down negative energy and change it into positive.  It is used to inspire action and overcome procrastination.

The energy of this system is useful in communicating with the spiritual world and relating visions received clearly.  It also helps the user to contact beings from other worlds and planes.  Deep Purple Energy Flow stimulates the third eye.  Used at the crown chakra it will help in communicating on a higher spiritual level to aid in understanding universal order.

A meditation is included in the manual to help you to connect to and use the energy of Deep Purple Energy Flow


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso