Lightarian Purification RingsLightarian Purification Rings™ can be received by anyone with no prerequisites, however it is recommended by the Lightarian Institute that you receive all the levels of Lightarian AngelLinks™ before become attuned to the Purification Rings™.

Each of the six levels of Purification Rings™ serve as a prerequisite to the next level.  There is a seven-day waiting period between receiving each level.

The Lightarian Purification Rings™ are a series of seraphic connections designed to energetically link individuals with the Seraphim levels, the highest level of the Angelic Realm.  The purpose of these attunements is to infuse you with the purest qualities and energy patterns of the Seraphim.  After the connection you will receive continuing inspiration and support, encouraging you to express these seraphic qualities in all areas of your life, and aid you in your spiritual development.

The Seraphim are the highest vibrational level within the Angelic Realm.  They represent the First Choir of the Supreme Hierarch of the Angels.  Their name means “the burning ones”, indicating the fire of love of Prime Creator.  They are the highest expression of divine love.  Because of their higher vibrational strata within the Angelic Realms, the Seraphim have historically been quite removed from humanity but have now been prompted to come forward at this time to support our global/human transformation.  These highest of angelic beings carry an extraordinary level of joy and sense of humor, they embody the highest sense of divine joy in all they do.

The Seraphim do not have names.  Instead they are attached to certain vibrations and are referred to with letters assigned to particular groups.

A Purification Ring™ is a simple, etheric energy connection that is permanently established between an individual and a particular seraphic group.  They have been inspired by the Seraphim to pass on many of the qualities and energetic patterns embodied by them into the energy fields of humans.  Once recipients have been linked with the Seraphic Realms in this energetic way, they are empowered to share the Purification Rings™ with others.  The Purification Rings™ create a unique, empowering relationship between the Seraphim and all levels of your energies.  This connection provides continuing seraphic support to all levels of your being as you move to higher levels of spiritual service.

Effects stimulated by the Purification Rings™ connection will be created over the entire spectrum of your energies, from your physical body to the highest levels of your etheric vibrational chain.  You will experience the loving, gentle unfolding of your individualized response to having a greater presence of seraphic support in your life.  After receiving each Purification Ring™ you will have a new seraphic group guiding and supporting you on all levels of your being, in complete cooperation with your Higher Self.  They are designed to bring all into a state of harmony.

Level One:  The Seraphim Y

The Seraphim Y group slowly acclimates to a person’s energy field so as to not overpower it.  They assertively implement changes, and through this attunement they will transfer such abilities to you.  Their energy is matter-of-fact – they keep it simple by making events happen quickly and efficiently.  If you choose to, you will inherit the same abilities of accepting the whole as it is without categorizing and breaking down aspects within life in an attempt to take control of events.  By accepting all, you will be able to move through what no longer serves you.  Level One serves as a foundation for all of the following levels.

During this attunement Seraphim Y spreads the Blue Flame of Wholeness through your heart chakra and begins the process of reformatting your genetic encodings and personal perspectives.

Level Two:  Seraphim C

The Seraphim C group will assist you with the physical metamorphosis of your physical body.  This level focuses on pure, clear communications and the interpretation of information you receive through your five senses.  Profound impacts may be felt within the mental and emotional fields and ultimately within the physical body as the partitions separating the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your being are removed.  You will begin to operate at a higher vibration of seraphic wholeness and harmonics, and living will become more joyous and loving.

Currently, a crystallization process is present in most people that allows divine light to enter but prevents its integration into your being entirely.  By removing the barriers, all aspects of your self are able to merge and true manifestation can begin.  Seraphim C assist in the removal of the barriers and the integration of all aspects of your being.

During this attunement Seraphim C instills a crystal skull into your crown chakra to reformat your frontal lobe to interpret sensory information wholly.

Level Three:  Seraphim V

The Seraphim V group will assist you with removing the cloak of fear presently in place that is used to protect yourself.  This Purification Ring™ assists the energetic integration of All That Is – love, as it permeates your being, as well as the choices you make while in human form.

Seraphim V will bring illumination for understanding and quick transformation, helping you to have a clean slate of mind so that you can authentically and with free will make the choice to stand in love.  They bring forth joy, laughter, thoughtfulness and lightness.  They help other stand in their courageous action, stirring feelings of tenacity, strength and power within you.

This level focuses on releasing “hidden agendas” and “stuff to work out” by removing the cloak present in your energy field, created through fear when entering the human form.  With the removal of the cloak you will stand in love, fully revealed and living in your truth.  Fear will recede as love is fully allowed to enter your energy field.

During this attunement Seraphim V instills a silver line through your crown chakra and downward where it will shadow your spine.  This gift enables you to tap into your strength and sense of Self without fear.

Level Four:  Seraphim Z

Seraphim Z will assist you with removing the grief stored in your physical being.  Unresolved grief causes fractures within the soul, which need to be healed before the soul can become whole.  When the grief is not dealt with it can cause feelings of incompleteness, sadness and yearning.  Seraphim Z’s extremely high energy vibration is very finely. Their influence is a reflection of the purest Light, Energy and Love.

Grief comes in many forms and through many situations.  It can be caused not only by death, but also through the loss of a job, living situation or house.  It may be due to unforeseen change, and may occur gradually or quickly.  When you are not entirely able or willing to accept change, the need to grieve may arise.  This attunement enables you to be truly one with Divine love.

After releasing the grief you have stored in your body, Seraphim Z will fill those areas with Divine love.  They help you to release self-serving behavior whether it is through diverting attention away from yourself or attracting it to other areas of your life to avoid grieving.

During this attunement Seraphim Z will instill a rainbow circle into your heart chakra, representing wholeness and completeness.

Level Five:  The Seraphim Representatives of all groups

Purification Rings™ level five focuses on the total understanding and practice of invocation and intention as anchored in a state of pure bliss.

During this attunement the Seraphim representatives will invoke the Blue Flame for you to stand in completely.  While standing in the blue flame, you will experience divine beauty and bliss.  It is these feelings that you will recognize and utilize when invoking an intention.

Level Six:  Seraphim K

Seraphim K will assist you with learning how to accept and create the unexpected.  It is natural to fear the unknown, yet by rejecting events that cannot be explained, you limit your ability to create the reality you wish.  You may be able to accept an outcome but if your mind continues to question how it occurred you can prevent yourself from fully enjoying the ‘magic’ you have manifested.

Seraphim K embody a very playful energy.  They rejoice in the unexpected and promote viewing life “outside the box” by not allowing your self to be constrained by the explanations we rely upon to understand life’s events.  They are often linked with the legendary wizard Merlin of Arthurian times known for his wisdom and the ability to manipulate and communicate with natural forces.

During this attunement Seraphim K will work with the creative area of your brain to expand your ability to create through sound.  They will also instill gold musical notes to your throat chakra.  Next they will invoke Mother Earth and Father Sky to adjust your vibrations, and give you the ability to transform all that is surrounding you for the highest and greatest good.  You will be able to manipulate the natural forces and create ‘magic’.

Founders:  Jody and Peggy Zeramby

The attunements are sent distantly, and are received by your participating in a guided meditation.

There is a minimum seven-day period between receiving each level of this system.

E-manuals will be sent to me from the Lightarian Institute.  There is a small additional fee for the manuals. After you have made your purchase, I will contact them on your behalf.  They usually arrive in a day or two.  I will let you know after I send the fee for the manuals to the Lightarian Institute. Upon their arrival to me, I will email the PDF’s to you as soon as I receive payment.

You will be registered with the Lightarian Institute upon completion of the course, allowing you to be able to pass the attunements to others and order manuals yourself from the Lightarian Institute.