Energetic Healing MeditationEnergetic Healing Meditation is designed to strengthen Chi (Life Force) and attune the meridian system and natural magnetic field of the body.  It presents balance and purifies energy systems of the body to avoid over- or under-stimulation.

After attunement to this energetic tool you can vibrate at a higher vibration of light, which can be found within all life.  This system aligns you to a peaceful, meditative state that allows the meridians and chakras to be balanced.  Energetic Healing Meditation works spontaneously in union with the receiver’s chi and the transmitted chi.

Benefits of Energetic Healing Meditation:

  • Promotes self-healing, healing, restful sleep and deep meditation state.
  • Brings more positive experience and a greater ability to be in and enjoy the moment.
  • Stimulates us to show greater courage and discernment to detach from negative circumstances or relationships and release bad habits.
  • Helps open up the flow of Chi (energy) through the meridians and energetic centers and clears blockages in the etheric field.  As our chi energy increases, these negative patterns and problems begin to shift and transmute resulting in manifesting greater emotional balance, physical health and well-being, clarity of mind and greater happiness.
  • Makes it possible to fight against stress, helping to prevent the cause and conditions of disease on all levels and creating a balanced energetic exchange resulting in regeneration and self-vitalization.

Founder:  Maha Kamaleksana