Green Vortex Tetralogy - Dark Green VortexGreen is considered to be one of the most healing among all the colors.  It represents Spring, and new growth.

The primary focus of Green Vortex Tetralogy is physical healing.  Working with this system deeply purifies and helps to heal the physical body, promotes the release of toxins and negative energies stored in the organs, supports the immune system, and brings nourishment to the body.

Green Vortex Tetralogy helps to resolve many types of physical disharmony with the life-giving green ray it carries.  It raises the vibrations of the physical body and provides it with healing vitality.  It focuses its healing effects on the area of greatest disharmony in your body.  The origins of physical illness are almost always more than physical.  Conflicts and discord in the emotions and mind often lead to physical problems.  Inner disharmonies block the flow of life force to the physical body and feed it with disharmonious energy.  This system not only addresses the physical manifestation of illness but also helps resolve the causes of physical distress.

Green Vortex Tetralogy increases the flow of life energy throughout your entire being by energetically lubricating certain components in your subtle bodies.  These also perform functions in our emotional body, your causal body and your mental body.  Using this system allows more life energy to flow through all aspects of your being.  It also prepares your emotions and mind for the new state of consciousness that will arise when your physical condition has been resolved.

Green Vortex Tetralogy can help you:
Resolve a chronic or acute illness
Experience more vitality and energy
Relieve acute and chronic pain
Boost the immune system
Strengthen a weakened organ
Soothe the body after trauma or surgery

Dark Green Vortex initiates a purification of your physical body, especially its vital organs.  It purifies and uplifts the organ that is weakest and has the most limitations.  It fills your aura and enters every cell of your body, helping the cells to maintain communication with each other.

Dark Green Vortex can help those who aspire to greater spirituality and yet are unable to keep their attention on Spirit because their awareness is continually drawn to the body’s disharmony, pain or distress.  As the energy helps your body to work through a condition and lifts some of its burden, you will find it easier to expand your awareness to include other areas of life.  With the opening of awareness you may come to terms with the reasons for your ailments and more easily learn the life lessons associated with them.

Work with this energy when you want to:
Strengthen or improve the health of your weakest or least healthy organ
Increase your overall physical health, harmony and vitality
Promote the release of certain toxins or disharmonious energies

Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso