Harmony Pink LightHarmony Pink Light Healing is a great healing energy that opens your consciousness from one extreme to the other, from the Goddess or Earth Mother at one extreme to Guiding Spirit or the Father Heaven at the other extreme, from Earth to Heaven.

Harmony Pink Light Healing attempts to bring harmony and balance through every aspect of the Being between the two extremes.  When you have this type of balance it is then possible to connect into some very deep places and some very high places, with many ‘other’ places in between.  It is in the ‘other’ places where we find the realms of the Devic consciousness, which are balanced between Earth and Spirit.

When harmony and balance are created through the whole spectrum between the extremes of Earth to Spirit, or Mother to Father, then Gladness manifests within the heart of center of the Being.  If Gladness awakens in the heart, then it awakens into the Divine and when Gladness is in a Divine state, the heart sings.  When the heart sings, the Devic Realms all hear the music and gather to see where such joyous sounds of Divine Gladness emanate.

Harmony Pink Light boosts the immune system, and when you have an active immune system you enjoy better health.  Therefore, Gladness in the heart brings better overall health so that you are uplifted and everything within your life is perceived at a higher level.  You begin to see more with your heart, and less with your intellect.  You enter more closely into the Divine.  Use this energy to raise yourself to new heights within your own Being.  Allow yourself to be raised and then see what other sources of Divine consciousness gather round you.

A meditation is included in the manual to help you connect to the energies of this system.

Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso