Head CareCARE means:  Calling all Responsive Eternals

Head Care energy system brings relief for most headaches and balances all of the chakras in your head, which contains major and minor chakras that are as universes of swirling energies.  If these energy centers are not properly maintained, we may feel pressure in various places in our head.

Head Care can be used when you are out and about for quick adjustments and easing of head pressure.  You may also activate a Head Care Session when you have the time to recline and relax.  Your session may last a half hour or longer, and will be facilitated by your CARE Team energetically.

Your head contains your brain, which seems to be a major control area from which signals for body movement and other physiological functions are directed.  Memory also seems to be stored in the brain.  Your brain houses several important glands that produce regulatory hormones.  There are also many energy centers in the brain, some more well known than others.  Meridian points and pathways and many Nadi pathways exist in your brain.

There are millions of connections with divinity and the spiritual realms through the inner spaces in your brain as well as the areas where matter and waves wink in and out of existence.  Your spirit, that part of you that is a compilation of the aspects of your soul that has incarnated into this physical reality merge with your physicality in your brain and all other body parts.

A healthy brain is important to cognitive function.  In modern busy daily lies, you may feel pressure build up in your head.  There are various areas that are “usual” places for people to feel a headache.

This energy system is not intended to supplant medical, holistic or diet based methods of relieving headaches.  It is designed to bring you targeted spiritual assistance to relieve some of the physical pressure you feel in your head when you are stressed or unwell.  Head Care is to be utilized in addition to other therapies.  It is perfectly safe to activate in addition to to any medication you may already be prescribed.  Head Care energy system works to reduce the pain and pressure associated with headaches, while increasing the effectiveness of all healing modalities.

Your body may respond to emotional situations with a headache.  In such situations Head Care energy system may lessen the discomfort immediately after you activate it, helping you to attend to the reasons your body responded with the pressure or pain of a headache.  There are many physical reasons for a headache that have nothing to do with emotional causes, being in unhealthy situations or overdoing it at work.  Some illnesses and diseases can bring on a headache.  There are also specific conditions like migraines as well as hormone imbalances that result in head pain.

Head Care will be most effective even when activated often for headaches resulting from health concerns.  If the conditions causing the headache or pain and pressure are truly out of your control, this system will help ease your pain and pressure every time you activate it.  Some people will receive easing of pain and pressure immediately when they activate Head Care.  Others may experience its assistance as just that little bit of easing that is needed to get hem out of great pain.  Some people may not feel any benefit initially, only to notice that after a few weeks of activating Head Care regularly, their incidences of headaches are fewer and fewer.

Head Chakra Balance is an energy function that you are authorized to activate after receiving your attunement to the Head Care energy system.  Head Chakra Balance energy function feels delightful as it balances the delicate chakras in your head all together so that your mind and body become healthier. This system has great spiritual benefits in that when you activate it, there is a balancing of the swirling energy centers in all areas of your head!  Head Chakra Balance all the energy centers in your head into synergy so that they may work together to achieve a greater benefit than the individuals could on their own. Head Chakra Balance is easily activated any time you think of it.

Shakti are feminine-like creative healing forces of Eternal Sacred Source who are intelligent and self-aware.  Their work with you for your health and enlightenment are under the authority of your higher self and soul.

Herkimer Diamond Shakti is another function of the Head Care system.  Herkimer Diamond’s energy is strong and uplifting with an innate knowing of how to help the person who holds it.  The spiritual essence of a Herkimer Diamond has a beneficial effect on a person’s body of dropping away tension that the body’s own healing abilities are more effective.  Herkimer Diamond Shakti is an even more refined presence of Herkimer Diamond to invite and work with because the divine intelligence and higher wisdom of Shakti in accord with the Herkimer Diamond Kingdom arrives to you.  You are not limited by your ability to “feel” or connect with the spiritual energies of a physical Herkimer or the spiritual energies of all Herkimer Diamonds.

The Herkimer Diamond Shakti works in concert with your body’s consciousness and your own soul.  If you are sensitive to subtle energies you may feel a “clearing” instantly and a sense of being “lifted” when you activate your Herkimer Diamond Shakti.  Even if you don’t feel the energy, this Shakti will arrive and assist you in the manner that is best for you.

Herkimer Diamond Shakti can do the following:
Promote expansion of the mind
“Bring online” and activate latent psychic abilities
Protect you from radioactivity
Relieve adverse tension in your body throughout the day
Lift your consciousness to receive higher truths
Ease adverse affects of your Ascension awakening
Assist to anchor your vision here from the highest perspective
Blend and enhance the effects of other crystals
Restore distortions in your DNA codes
Bring to your awareness past life memories
Help you to see the most exalted solution to even difficult situations
Free you into spontaneity
Simply “be”, knowing your innate value
Awaken you to your current life purpose
Help you notice healthy ways to attract all you want into your life
Find stuck areas in you and release them
Help you realize your divine potential in a fast and exalted way
Cause you to not care about other’s opinions of you

If you are a Reiki or Seichim Master Teacher, you may send a Head Care attunement to others

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture