Healing Breath ReikiHealing Breath Reiki works with the energies of sacred breath to relieve stress and tension, to heal illness and disease, and to release negative energies.  It can even help with manifestation!  This system connects you to sacred healing through breath and breathing which can allow you very fast access to positive source energy anytime and anywhere.  It is easy to use and energizes you as it lifts you spiritually into the realm of love and light of spirit.

Breath is sacred.  It is a gift of life from spirit.  The very air you breathe is filled with energy, and spirit, and contains much information of a spiritual nature.  As you learn to work with breath as a means of stress and tension release, you will notice that as you breathe out you exhale all of the negative energies with intention, and you breathe in pure light positive energy which heals, refreshes, and relieves stress.

Everything you do with Sacred Healing Breath is made more powerful with your intention

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)