Healing Sun ReikiHealing Sun Reiki connects you to the Spiritual Sun Within to bring healing to all issues, illness, and problems.  It works to help heal people and animals and can also be used for healing plants.  The energies are strong, clearing and send a powerful charge of healing for yourself or those you are seeking to heal.  It is very easy to use and brings a feeling of wellness to and renewed energy to those it is used to help.

This system is a focusing energy in which the light of the Sun within is set upon or focused on the issue or illness that needs healing.  The pure white sunlight within is so bright, it just burns away the problem or issue when you set it on or focus it on something negative.  When you focus it on something that needs healing, it burns away the illness or disease a little at a time.  it does not feel hot, does not harm healthy energy, tissue or emotions in any way.  It does go to work immediately on correcting or healing problems, issues, physical, mental, emotional and soul sickness or illness and negativity.  It works just as well on plants and animals as it does on humans.  The energy continues healing whatever needs healing until it is no longer needed.  After you start the energies flowing to heal, this system automatically does the rest until there is improvement and healing.  It can be used as often as you would like to.

One symbol is included to help you to connect to the energies of Healing Sun Reiki

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)

Sent by chi ball only.