Infinity Energy Healing LIghtWorkInfinity Energy Healing LightWork is a powerful healing energy system that connects you to infinite energies for more complete healing.  The energy is deeply healing for physical, emotional and spiritual areas of your life.  As the energies move over and through you, healing is able to penetrate to the core of your body, mind and soul to speed recovery and recharge your energies.  Generally the energies of this system are warm and loving, but when it is needed to cool swelling and fevers, the energies will be cooler.

The Infinity Energy Healing flows in a cycle like a figure 8.  While in most cases the infinity symbol is usually shown lying on its side, the energies flow equally well from top to bottom and bottom to top.  In healing, this energy comes up through your feet from the earth, runs up your body, crossing at the solar plexus and continues up the opposite side.  When it reaches the top, it moves to the other hand and back down your body, crossing at the solar plexus and then continuing down the opposite side, to the Earth and back up again.  The energy runs up both sides of your body at once, but crosses at the solar plexus and each side is running energy at the same time.

The warm and loving feeling energy rises up through your feet and legs, filling and healing all areas of your body, your chakras, all energies flowing in harmony.  You can set it to run a specific number of times by stating the number of times you want it to flow the cycle in any one session.

There is one symbol included in the Infinity Energy Healing LightWork manual to help you connect to the energies, or you can run them on their own.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert